Home Sale Proceeds Calculator - How much will you make selling your home?

When selling your home, there are additional costs like staging, cleaning, and repairs that impact the amount in your pocket after the sale is complete.

Use the home sale net proceeds calculator below to estimate your home sale price, total costs, and net proceeds.

The amount still owed on your mortgage. This will be deducted from your net sale amount.

$ 12,000

In a traditional sale, the seller pays fees to both their agent and the buyer’s agent. The total commission is usually around 6% of the sale price.

$ 2000

This is the total cost of getting your home ready to show to potential buyers. It may include a professional stager, cosmetic improvements, or storage.

$ 4000

Seller concessions are closing costs the seller agrees to pay and can help the seller close the deal. These can range from 1.5% to 2% of the sale price.

$ 6000

These are costs when transitioning from one home to the next. This could be paying for a short-term rental or paying two mortgage payments.

$ 4000

These are also called closing costs and they can range from 1% to 3% of the sale price depending on where you live.


Net Proceeds

$ 1,880.70

Home Sale Price

$ 88,525.28

Total Costs

$ 338,525.28

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Net proceeds refer to the money that remains after all expenses are deducted after a house sale and given to the seller. These costs include legal and appraisal fees, commissions, taxes, regulatory expenses, and advertising, which may account for a percentage of the gross proceeds.

Calculating net proceeds is not as complicated as it may sound. Subtract your house's final purchase price from the total selling price. Here is a simple guide to help you step by step.Step 1: Add up the cost of selling your house, including all taxes and necessary fees, commissions, and outstanding mortgage balance if selling home property liens.Step 2: Subtract the entire house selling cost from the final purchase price. The answer will be your net proceeds.

After accepting your home sale offer, you'll be expecting to make some profit. But come to think of it, who pays all the expenses you've spent so far? The truth is that it's you who pays, and the amount ranges from 6% to 10% of the total sale price. This is because the seller has to pay transfer tax, title insurance, escrow and closing fees, attorney's fees, listing fees, and real estate agent fees.But the beauty of it is that these costs are deducted from the house sale proceeds unless your home equity loan is too small.

Knowing how much profit you'll make from selling your house is essential, especially if you plan to invest the funds elsewhere, pay school fees, or even buy another home.But before selling your home, you should know that your expected profits will be determined by various factors, including the outstanding mortgage balance, equity loan balances, real estate transactions costs, agents' commissions, and many others.Your profit calculations are tailored to fit in the real estate market with the help of our sales calculators. For more assistance, contact us for a more detailed guide on the amount of profit you should expect if selling your home.

Both the seller and the buyer pay real estate closing costs, but the sellers pay the highest percentage.While buyers pay closing costs amounting to 2-5% of the total purchase in closing costs, which caters to lender-related fees, sellers pay closing costs up to 6-10% of the home-selling price because they cater to all other expenses associated with real estate transactions.

This is a document prepared to calculate how much money you can expect from selling your home. Also called seller's net sheet, it's ready for home sellers to show the breakdown of closing costs, sales proceeds, and any other obligation during real estate transactions to calculate the seller's expected net proceeds from selling the home.

The simple answer is no! Net proceeds refer to the total amount home sellers receive from the sale of their house after all expenses have been deducted.On the other hand, profits are the total amount left after subtracting the total purchase cost from the final selling costs and are shown on the closing statement.

The net proceeds are the figure you get after subtracting all your expenses from the selling price. It's important to note that when you put your house up for sale, it's best to factor in costs that you'll incur in making the sale successful.These costs include outstanding mortgage balances, title and escrow fees, attorney's fees, moving around costs, homeownership costs, seller concessions, and real estate agents commissions.While home selling calculators help you do the math of your expected proceeds from selling your home, we can help you come up with a cash offer within 24 hours. Just give us your info and our team will reach out to you.